This checklist is for both cash discount and surcharge clients. 

This checklist is intended to assist you in understanding your requirements for participating in the InBalance program. It is not intended to be a complete list of all credit card acceptance guidelines. 


*NOTE* Please skip step 1 if you are a cash discount client and follow steps 2 and 3*

1. Register your merchant account with each of the card brands (we have completed this on your behalf).


2. Display the signage provided at all the checkout areas of your business. It is required to notify customers of non-cash adjustment. Multiple placements are best to prevent any confusion. Be sure the signage is visible and easy for your customers to see. You can download additional signage at for both cash discount and surcharge. 


3. Confirm that your merchant and cardholder receipts display the non-cash adustment amount as a separate line item.


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